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Digital Content License Agreement /Terms and Agreement

IMPORTANT-READ CAREFULLY:? This Digital Content License Agreement (DCLA) is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and Transitions Optical, Inc. for use of digital content provided on Transitions' Customer Hub (HUB). You agree to be bound by the terms of this DCLA by downloading, installing, copying, or otherwise using HUB and the digital content provided here-in.

I. Downloading By downloading content, you are agreeing to Transitions Optical's Digital Content License Agreement. Your use of the content and your relationship with Transitions Optical, Inc. and its affiliates is governed by the license and by our Terms and Conditions of Use section. All assets on this website are original creative works owned by Transitions Optical, Inc., and may be copyrighted and/or trademarked by Transitions Optical, Inc. Any use not specifically allowed in our DCLA may be a violation of federal copyright law.

II. Terms and Conditions of Use

Following are the terms and conditions that govern your use of this site and our content.

A. Ownership of Web Application Site (HUB)

This Web Application Site (HUB) is owned and controlled by Transitions Optical, Inc. It is a business-to-business site and is intended for the use by Transitions Optical, Inc., its affiliates, suppliers and customers. All of the content featured or displayed on this website, including, but not limited to, the site design and content, text, graphics, digital images, photographs, sound, illustrations and software is owned by Transitions Optical, Inc., its licensors and its content providers. Transitions Optical, Inc. provides you access to this Web site which contains information you may use under the terms and conditions of this agreement. Except as explicitly permitted under this or another Agreement with Transitions Optical, Inc., no portion or element of this website or its content may be copied or retransmitted via any means, and this website, its content and all related rights shall remain the exclusive property of Transitions Optical, Inc., unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by Transitions Optical, Inc.. By entering into this DCLA, you agree to indemnify Transitions Optical, Inc., its affiliates and licensors against any losses, expense, costs or damages incurred by any or all of them as a result of your breach of the terms of this Agreement or your unauthorized use of the content and related rights. The terms and conditions herein govern your use of this site.

B. Digital Content

Except as expressly prohibited on this website, you are permitted to view and download digital content from this site in accordance with the Transitions Optical, Inc. DCLA, as expressly stated on these website pages. An end-user cannot download, install or use digital content without agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Transitions Optical, Inc. DCLA (as set forth in this document). Any use or reproduction of Transitions Optical, Inc. digital content in violation of the end-user agreement is expressly prohibited and may result in civil and criminal liability. Except as expressly prohibited on this website, you are permitted to view, download, and/or print informational documents on this site, subject to your agreement that your use of the information is for the promotion of products and/or services offered by Transitions Optical, Inc. Additionally, Transitions Optical, Inc. may revoke permission to use content from this site at any time, and upon notice from Transitions Optical, Inc. you shall immediately discontinue your use of all content.

You agree to utilize the digital content from this site only through their expiration dates.

C. Transitions ® Brand Guidelines (the "Guidelines")

You agree to comply with the Guidelines at all times. To view the Guidelines, click here.

III. Web Site Usage Disclaimer

Except as expressly provided otherwise in a written agreement between you and Transitions Optical, Inc., digital images, informational documents, software, and the Transitions Optical, Inc. website, are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind and Transitions Optical, Inc. hereby disclaims all warranties either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose. In addition Transitions Optical, Inc. disclaims any warranties of non-infringement or title. Transitions Optical, Inc. will not be liable for any special, direct, indirect, compensatory, consequential, exemplary, incidental or punitive damages of any kind resulting from your use of this site, your inability to use this site, or the performance of this website or content, including, but not limited to damages resulting from loss of use, lost data or profits, whether in an action for breach of contract or warranty or tort (including negligence) arising out of or in connection with the information, digital images, the website or any of our publications, whether or not we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Transitions Optical, Inc. makes reasonable efforts to ensure the quality, accuracy, correctness and reliability of our content, but we make no representations or warranties of such. You, as the end-user, assume all risks concerning the suitability and accuracy of the information within our website and the content of our images. This website or information documents may contain typographical errors. Transitions Optical, Inc. assumes no responsibility for such errors and disclaims all liability for any such inaccuracies, errors or omissions within this website or any other referenced or linked documents. Although we do our best to ensure accuracy, please contact us should you find any errors at digitalassetmanagement@transitions.com . This website may contain links to other third-party sites, which are not under the control of Transitions Optical, Inc., and Transitions Optical, Inc. is not responsible for the content on any linked site. If you access a third-party linked site from this site, then you do so at your own risk. We include these links for your information and convenience only, and Transitions Optical, Inc. does not endorse or accept any responsibility for the content of other sites. We encourage you to read and understand the privacy policies of these linked sites, as their privacy practices may differ from ours. Transitions Optical, Inc. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions of Use, information, technical specifications, product offerings, etc. featured on this website at any time and without notice. These conditions, and those in our DCLA, set out the entire agreement between Transitions Optical, Inc. and you, relating to your use of this website and our digital content.

IV. Security

At Transitions Optical, Inc. we respect your right to privacy and we understand that, as a visitor to our site, you are concerned about your corporate and/or personal information and how it is used. We collect only industry standard information in order to enable you to use our website, and download content.

V. Privacy Policy

A. Personal Information

When you register, you provide our site with your name, e-mail address, mailing address, or telephone number, and if you agree that we may do so, we may use this information to alert you to new images or products that are available, updates, or new services. We use your name and other personal information to identify you as a registered user and to determine your level of access to our digital content. We use your e-mail address to confirm your download and in certain instances, to notify you of new image products that are available or other news. You may e-mail us at digitalassetmanagement@transitions.com , if you prefer not to receive this information. Transitions Optical, Inc. does not offer, or participate in, or allow the selling of any customer or user-provided information to third parties. It is our long-term objective to retain a loyal customer following, and to preserve the ability to communicate with our customers regarding our products.

B. Site Activity

When you browse our website, your time and activity from page to page is known as a "click-stream". Our server logs this information in order to generate aggregate statistical data that we use to analyze the interest in, and effectiveness of our pages. This information is not linked to any of your personal information.

C. User Surveys

From time to time we may request your participation in customer interest surveys. We use this information to analyze the success of, and interest in, our images, and to help us provide new images that meet our customer's needs. All surveys are strictly voluntary and information is collected in an anonymous way so it can't be tied to any personally identifiable information. This information is strictly for the use of Transitions Optical, Inc. and is not shared with any third-party firms.

VI. Questions or Concerns

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to digitalassetmanagement@transitions.com . We reserve the right to change any aspect of our privacy policy by posting changes on HUB.

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